In-house Research Centre and network for handling national and international assignments competently.

Global Recruiting Competence and Research Centre

Under Laura De Paolis (Head of Research), we operate our own in-house Research Centre which has wide-ranging experience in all relevant business areas and is well placed to lead and identify suitable candidates.  The Research Centre staff always lead individual projects from start to finish.  We do not outsource any tasks and are therefore able to keep in direct touch with the market and safeguard the utmost confidentiality.

Meister Networks

At Meister Networks, we give you the benefit of our specialisation and know-how in headhunting to search for specialist and management personnel at lower and middle management levels. Lukas Kühne is in charge of Meister Networks.

Cross National Search: CFR Group

As well as having a broad contact base in Switzerland to draw on, we are able to take advantage of excellent European and worldwide connections thanks to our membership of CFR Global Executive Search.

We maintain close contact and cooperate regularly on projects with the following partners, all of which are active in the Executive Search sector. This network enables us to search for management and executive staff on an international level, whether for Swiss companies abroad or foreign companies in Switzerland. We also handle projects which involve several different countries at the same time, providing the necessary local expertise.

HR Bulletin Winter Edition 2015: CFR Conference – Istanbul, TR, November 2015

In addition to a broad network of relations in Switzerland, our membership of the CFR Group also gives us the finest possible contacts in Europe and worldwide. We maintain regular contact with the following companies which are also active in the field of Executive Search and work with them whenever the need arises.

This network enables us to seek specialist and management personnel for you at an international level if required. The members are all shareholders of CFR Consulting Group Ltd. based in the United Kingdom and a branch establishment in Munich.