As a boutique company we are well placed to handle complex tasks and to find creative or unconventional solutions.

Meister Executive Search AG

Peter Meister

Dr. Peter Meister, Managing Partner

Peter Meister, PhD, studied at the universities of Berne and Fribourg and wrote his thesis on job satisfaction. Having completed his training and research, he moved to working in business consulting (mainly in the area of restructuring). In 1992, Peter Meister started to work as an independent business consultant within a group of consultancies. He was predominantly involved in the areas of assessment, career management and senior level staff selection.

Since 1998 he has owned “Meister Executive Search AG”. With the benefit of his practical experience, Peter Meister is able to give his clients wide-ranging advice in the context of  search assignments.

He speaks German and English fluently.

Lukas Kühne

Lukas Kühne, Partner

Lukas Kühne graduated in history from Bern University and went on to take a Master of Advanced Studies degree in Human Resource Management at the FHNW University of Applied Sciences in Olten.

He has worked in personnel recruitment since 2004. During his studies, Lukas was an Assistant in the Research Department and from 2008 to 2014, he was Head of Research at the Meister Executive Search AG in-house Research Centre. Lukas Kühne has extensive experience of handling direct search assignments and was appointed Project Manager when Meister Networks was founded in the spring of 2012.

Lukas Kühne has been the Operations Manager of Meister Networks since December 2013 and a partner of Meister Executive Search AG since January 2015. In these capacities he works as Account Manager for Meister Networks and Meister Executive Search.

Lukas Kühne has a fluent command of both German and English.

Aleksandra Simikic

Laura De Paolis, Head Research

Laura De Paolis is in charge of our „In-house“ Research Center.

Tanja Biel

Tanja Biel, Senior Consultant

For more than twenty years, Tanja Biel has been actively engaged in the field of Human Resource Management. She is familiar with the diverse challenges relating thereto both through her theoretical training (qualified personnel manager and a MAS in HRM) as well as various operative and strategic HR positions she has exercised in national and international companies or groups. Alongside the successful supervision of numerous and ambitious projects which include Change Management, the implementation of HR IT, and various reorganisations, her defining strong point lies in the staffing of complex vacancies under challenging conditions. In her role as Senior Consultant, Tanja Biel has been an integral part of Meister Executive Search AG since 2018. Her area of responsibility includes project management as well as the expansion of the business enterprise in the market of Eastern Switzerland. Tanja Biel is also operating on the international stage, being fluent in German, English and French. Further, she is a passionate lecturer on topics of Human Resource Management and Leadership in various Swiss institutes.

Meister Networkds

Meister Networks

Lukas Kühne is in charge of Meister Networks.

CFR Group

CFR Group

With CFR Group we have an international networt at our disposal.